11 Best Gifts for Crypto and PumaPay Lovers 

This Christmas you can spoil your loved ones with unique crypto and blockchain gifts that would really impress them. You don’t have to aimlessly search for that ideal gift, since we have you covered. Below you will find a variety of gifts for every budget.

1. $20 will get you a quirky t-shirt or mug with a cool message. This should not be underestimated. I can already hear you whine, “Not another mug,” but this is not just any mug. There are plenty of mugs with very funny and clever messages on Etsy and at All Things Decentral. At the latter you can get socks and hats to fill those Christmas stockings.

2. For the stylish gentleman that wears cufflinks, this pair might provide a touch of elegance that is simply classic. Get yours here and here.

3. Bitcoin coasters is another effortless and usable gift.

4. You can get a step ahead of the crowd with a $70 pair of high-top sneakers for both women and men. This one is for sale.

5. For his and hers sweaters. Ideal for couples who trade in cryptos! If they even have a toddler, why not treat them to this very cute little baby bodysuit. It is the ugly sweater season after all, so you can even treat yourself to a Christmas jumper or a Crypto Christmas t-shirt.

6. When you sit around the fireplace with a warm cup of tea and a gingerbread biscuit surrounded by good friends and family, this is the perfect time to play a board game. Why don’t you introduce them to cryptocurrency with Bitcoin, the Card Game or Crypto Cards.

7. For your friend who never stops talking about cryptocurrencies and how much he enjoys trading in the latest tokens, remind them that they need to HODL with a mouse pad. Just HODL it, is a fun gift for the serious crypto fans at heart.

8. If your best friend, apart from being a massive crypto fan, also remembers the 1990s raver parties as if they were yesterday, or his favorite character from American Dad is Jeff Fischer, then you struck gold! Yes, you guessed right; we have the best gift for him (hopefully she is not a she because she won’t be amused)! This amazing raver old school bucket hat with the symbol of Bitcoin, is pure nostalgia.

9. You might not know it, but cryptocurrency enthusiasts have an eye for art. They like the good things in life after all. So, if you want to really stand out from the crowd, these unique pieces might be the right Christmas gift for yourself or someone really special.  The coolest most eye-catching art that is also functional because it can be used as a physical way to store Bitcoin, is over at Cryptoart. Yes, you’ve heard, right. Cryptoart merges art and bitcoin with cold storage to provide you with “a safe way to secure and visually enjoy bitcoin.” This is by far the most original gift on the list!

10. A classic and always important gift is a hard wallet, where you can store your cryptos offline for maximum safety. Try these ones for your ERC20 tokens: Ledger Nano S and Trezor.

11. And one last gift for that all-knowing aunt who is always ahead and asks you questions about blockchain technology. Get her a lovely book on crypto to keep her company and solve all her questions. 

Happy shopping! 


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