Back in the Office after iFX Expo

Hectic iFX Expo days for PumaPay, but “it was worth it“, says Gleb Chernov, VP Business Development. “The feedback was amazing, to say the least. Multiple companies expressed their interest in PumaPay, as a modern payment solution. My colleague Rizwan Nasir and I made very good connections across the fintech industry. We’ve had a fabulous communication with leaders of top investment companies and financial service providers, whom we hope to get onboard in the coming weeks“, added Chernov.


But, this is not all! PumaPay would have not got as much attention had it not been for the lovely, ‘pumified’ assistants.


They assisted in the PumaPay raffle, which stirred the spirits at the event even more with its 2 Million PumaPay Tokens at stake. Attracted by the awesome raffle prize, representatives of reputed business from all over Europe put their name down on the PumaPay list hoping to win the PRIZE. Congratulations to the lucky winner!


The token backed by a solid ecosystem consisting of big brands in the adult entertainment industry, fashion, online business solution providers such as ImLive, Fashion TV, Vivid Entertainment, Rent24,, Chatmaker, to name but a few, captured the attention of financiers.


We’re thrilled by the impact we’ve had at iFX Expo. This is for us a statement that the payment industry is ready for innovation. Thank you all for your great support and feedback, and we hope to have your cooperation every step of the way henceforth. This is only the beginning of an exciting journey for PumaPay towards full decentralization and building of a token economy“, eloquently wrapped up the event Yoav Dror, PumaPay CEO.

Yes, we have got this far yet there is a lot more coming up. Keep an eye on our Telegram channel to keep abreast of any developments.


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