Convert Your Cryptos Within the PumaPay Wallet! 

Breaking News: Crypto-to-crypto conversion is now available in the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet. With our latest update, in addition to exchanges, where PMA is currently available, PMA can be converted right in the wallet. Now, this can be done straight in your wallet app’s Android version. The iOS version is now under review by Apple and will be available shortly.

With this release, you can exchange any ERC20 token to ERC20 supported by Changelly. Soon, we will add Bitcoin support to the PumaPay Wallet, so then you will be able to convert BTC into PMA as well, with other major coins also scheduled to be added to the our wallet app.

Update your PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet app and try the new crypto-to-crypto conversion feature today!  Please note that we make every effort to deliver the best quality of our products. Should you find any bugs in the app, please help us improve by letting us know in the Telegram Bug Reporting Group.


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