PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet is Here!

We had a busy week here at PumaPay. Now with the PumaPay Token launch out of the way and the PumaPay Birthday Party over, we are now looking forward to the bright future.

First things first

The 1st version of the PumaPay Cyptocurrency Wallet app is now available for both Android and iOS devices and is already getting great reviews. Those of you who haven’t tested it yet, download it from Google Play Store or App Store now.

Long awaited by the PumaPay Community, the wallet app has a neat and smart design interface, which allows users to easily navigate the menu.

Developed with the user in mind, the app meets the needs of both seasoned and less experienced crypto holders. It is a go-to solution for safe cryptocurrency storage and payments.


Basic functionality and key benefits
The PumaPay wallet allows users to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology and forget about the hassle of traditional means. The branded PumaPay wallet app allows you to:

• Open an ETH wallet or access your existing one.
• Send and receive payments in PumaPay (PMA) and Ethereum (ETH).
• Benefit from simple registration process & bank level security
• Easily share your payment address
• Enjoy the nice & clean app design
• Forget the hassle of banks and traditional payment solutions


In the future versions of PumaPay, we will introduce the PullPayment protocol which will allow for a card-like versatility and diversity of billing practices: pay-per-use, recurring, shared, instalment-based, and restricted payments. But for now, enjoy the beauty and convenience of the PumaPay Wallet app for Android and stay tuned for updates, because we have a lot coming up. Also, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and experience using the PumaPay Android app with us and the PumaPay Community on Telegram.


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