Exciting Times

by Yoav Dror, PumaPay CEO

PumaPay is going through exciting times. So exciting and busy that it has taken me weeks to find time for this article, which I had been planning to write for a while. Yet, negotiations with potential partners about huge collaborations, the business strategy and spending time with the tech team as the Version 2 of the PumaPay solution is shaping up, all these things have been taking priority. Now I’m writing this on a plane to Seoul as we are flying to present PumaPay in South Korea for the first time at the Beyond Blocks Summit and Korea Blockchain Partners Summit.

The days in PumaPay headquarters are hectic, with the team working around the clock to deliver the Version 2 of the PumaPay solution on time, to onboard more Early Adopters (we’ve got some mind-blowing partnerships to announce) and establish the integration schedules, and many other things. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and lose the perspective of all the exciting things we have achieved. As we celebrate 2 months of the PumaPay token, I wanted to take the moment and reflect at the recent journey we’ve been through:

  • We have grown the PumaPay Ecosystem to over 50 Early Adopters from all lines of industry including financial technology and investment, payments, travel, online solution providers and more. A few amazing announcements about huge partnerships with global brands are coming in July.
  • We have recently returned from Tokyo, where PumaPay has been officially presented in Japan for the first time at the Japan Blockchain Conference. It was amazing to connect with the Japanese crypto community and meet some of you in person! The event was a success, and it’s already being featured in the Japanese media.
  • Besides Japan Blockchain Conference, we’ve taken part in important industry events worldwide such as iFX Expo, Money 2020, and BIConf, to name a few. Connecting with potential Early Adopters, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and technology partners, the PumaPay team is making the most of each event.
  • The first version of the PumaPay solution has already been implemented by our Launch Partner, ImLive, and payments in PMA are accepted on their website. What’s more, any merchant can now integrate the PumaPay solution as we have released the first version of our SDK.
  • We launched and updated our native mobile app, the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet, which now supports not only PumaPay and Ethereum, but all ERC20 tokens. It’s available on Google Play and Apple Store.
  • The next version of the app will support in-wallet purchase of PumaPay tokens as well as crypto-to-crypto conversion. So, you will be able to buy the tokens in one step on your phone. And that’s not it: we’ve got more amazing news coming.

The entire PumaPay team and I are humbled by the support the project is receiving worldwide, and we truly thank you for being with us through these exciting times and for the years to come.


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