ExposeBox Joins PumaPay as an Early Adopter

Another formidable e-commerce merchant, ExposeBox, has jumped on board into the blockchain ecosystem to begin harnessing the benefits as an Early Adopter of the PumaPay Pull Payment Protocol.

Founded in 2013 by tech leaders who have extensive experience in developing web products based on machine learning, natural language processing, and text mining, ExposeBox’s solutions make it easy for online retailers or e-tailers to leverage their customers’ data and optimize their digital advertising while enhancing the bottom line.

Easily integrated into any website even for the technology-challenged, the comprehensive e-commerce platform analyzes online and offline data to personalise the customer’s shopping experience. The simple, automated tool implements best-in-business marketing practices in real time through a super-smart recommendation engine using advanced analysis on the customer’s initial visit. A smart personalised retention plan – via highly targeted offers, emails, web and Facebook ads — will then be set in motion to catch the customer when they are ripe for return. Each time the customer returns to the site, they are automatically presented with products and offers tailored to their preferences.

For a platform with one-step integration and zero maintenance, ExposeBox merchants stand to benefit from its utilisation with longer customer engagement cycles, higher lifetime customer conversions, and more return visits. To date, more than 35.4M personalised recommendations have already been generated by the smart ExposeBox engine.

With the integration of PumaPay’s blockchain crypto-billing protocol into the ExposeBox platform, e-tailers and customers alike will enjoy not only more optimised marketing and personalised shopping; transactions no longer require the use of traditional payment systems like credit cards. Instead, PumaPay (PMA) tokens are utilised for the direct transfer of electronic payments in the ecosystem.

At the heart of the PumaPay protocol is a unique architecture of Pull Payment smart contracts, wherein a merchant can “pull” out PMA funds out of the customer’s wallet upon the latter’s approval of the terms. The use of PMA (convertible to any other cryptocurrency and fiat currency) decentralises the billing layer, saves substantial intermediary costs such as high commission fees, and eliminates the risks of fraud and chargebacks for merchants.

The more frequently digital currencies are used in daily life, the more businesses and consumers can reap the benefits of a thriving, fast-paced, and global crypto-flow economy that is applicable for everyday payments. PumaPay intends to be the de-facto payment standard in the future and contributors like ExposeBox will surely benefit from getting their foot in the door early on.


    また1つ、恐るべきeコマースの事業者であるExposeBoxがブロックチェーンのエコシステムに加わり、 PumaPayプル型決済プロトコルの早期導入者としての利益を享受していただけることとなりました。




    PumaPayのブロックチェーン暗号通貨請求プロトコルをExposeBoxプラットフォームへ統合することで、オンラインの小売事業者や顧客はより最適化されたマーケティング、パーソナライズされショッピングを楽しむことができます。そしてそれは、クレジットカードのような伝統的支払い手段を必要としません。その代わり、PMA トークンがエコシステム内での電子決済の直接送金に使われます。




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