How to Add ERC20 Tokens to Your PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet

Have you downloaded the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet? If not, you can get it on Google Play or Apple Store. Now that we support all ERC20 tokens, we figured you might need some guidance on how to add your favorite tokens to your PumaPay wallet.  

Get your favorite ERC20 token to your PumaPay wallet

To add one or more ERC20 tokens to or from your PumaPay wallet, follow these quick and easy steps: 

  1. Log in to your account and access Settings by pressing the flower-shaped icon on the side of ‘My Account’. 




2. From here, select ‘Tokens’ by pressing on the arrow showing on the side. 




Now you have two options: add tokens from the predefined list by ticking the ones you wish to use or add manually by pressing ‘Add Token Manually’ at the bottom of your screen. 




To add a token manually, go to or, select the token you wish to add from the Token list and scan the QR code with your wallet app.  




This action will enable automatic copying of the token contract address and spare you the headache with typos inevitable with manual data inputting. 




Once this step is completed, the token contract address will instantly show in the specific section in your wallet app. 




Next, you will be required to enter the full name of the token, the symbol and the decimals. After inputting all the information, press ‘Submit’ to add it. 




3. Nearly done. After completing this step, click ‘Done’ and the token will show in the wallet list. 



 The balance of the newly added token will also show in the main menu. 




 Now you’re all set. Enjoy your shopping! 


Okay, but what if I want to remove tokens from my wallet?

If at any point in time you wish to remove one or more tokens from your wallet, you will need to follow steps 1 to 2 explained above. At step 2, just press on the name of the token you no longer wish to use, as shown below. 




To complete the action, press ‘Remove’ in the popup window and the token will no longer appear in your list. 




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