Important Announcement: PumaPay Is Not Running Any Airdrops!

Dear Community,

It has come to our attention that scammers have set up a fake PumaPay Airdrop website and Telegram groups, luring PumaPay followers into “participating in an airdrop of PMA Tokens”. In this regard, kindly note the following:

1. PumaPay currently does not carry out airdrops. All claims at such activity under the PumaPay brand are fake. The website, which we are working on taking down, is a fraud.

2. PumaPay members were being added to a fake Telegram group. Neither PumaPay employees, nor our Telegram moderators will add you to any groups without your consent.

3. The said website is asking participants to provide their wallet private key. PLEASE NEVER SHARE YOUR WALLET PRIVATE KEY. Neither PumaPay, nor any other serious project will ever ask you to share your private key. If you ever come across such a request, it’s a scam.

4. All official information about PumaPay activities will be announced on our official channels, including the PumaPay Telegram Group and Channel, as well as the News section of the PumaPay website.

We appreciate you alerting us to the suspicious activity involving our brand.


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