Introducing ImLive, PumaPay Launch Partner

At PumaPay, we are proud of partnerships with our Early Adopters. These companies, who have committed to implement our PullPayment protocol as the means of payment, are leaders in their industries who share our vision of building a smooth, convenient and modern global payment system. They have innovation, technology and the drive to succeed in their DNA. Today, we’re thrilled to present our key Early Adopter and Launch Partner: ImLive.

ImLive is the largest live adult webcam broadcasting platform offering a wide range of services from live chats to various webcam performances by amateur and professional entertainers. Leveraging innovative technology with a successful business model, ImLive is one of the technological success stories in adult entertainment thanks to its rapid growth.

Launched in 2002, ImLive exceeded its 10-million-member mark in October 2007. At the end of 2008, the platform’s member count reached 15 million. Today, ImLive is one of the global leaders in the field.

In 2010, ImLive launched ImLive Mobile, supporting video chat on smartphone platforms.

With a skyrocketing traffic and growing membership interest every year, ImLive caught the eye of the media, so that by 2013 AVN Magazine, a leading publication in the industry, named it the largest adult webcam community, with over 33 million members and more than 80,000 hosts.

A winner of AVN Awards two consecutive years, in 2011 and 2012 as the “Best Live Chat Website” and “Best Webcam Company”, as well as the YNOT award in 2012 for the same category. Other nominations and awards followed for the “Live Cam Affiliate Program of the Year” at the 10th edition of the Annual XBIZ Awards in 2012.

The adult entertainment giant is a frequent sponsor of high-profile events such as the AVN Awards and Fans of Adult Media Entertainment Awards.

Allowing its customers to buy virtual credits, the platform worked its way up to becoming a market leader. The ImLive credits can be used to pay for all the platform services, including hosts’ tips.

Customers can use text messaging to communicate with each other or with a host. Hosts are allocated a dedicated channel where they can either text-chat or use a microphone and web camera to broadcast live video and audio material.

PumaPay is proud to have ImLive as the Launch Partner. Attracted by the flexibility and economic potential of the pull-based protocol of PumaPay, ImLive decided to create a special platform where PumaPay is the only means of payment and where service providers keep a lion share of their revenue, compared to roughly 32% as they do today. ImLive is excited to offer their customers the possibility to pay with PMA tokens for their services particularly because of the privacy it secures users and the protocol’s ability to eliminate chargebacks, a common drawback in the industry.

Interested to learn about PumaPay Early Adopters? Stay tuned, we’ve got lots of announcements coming up!



    毎年とどまるところを知らないトラフィックと会員見込み者数により、ImLiveはメディアの目に留まり、業界の中でも優れている2013 AVNマガジンによって、3300万人の会員数と8万人のホストをもつ最大アダルトウェブカメラコミュニティと称されました。

    2011年と2012年は “ベストライブチャットウェブサイト”と、”ベストウェブカメラ会社”としてAVN賞を二年連続で受賞すると同時に、2012年には同部門でYNOT賞も受賞しました。他にも、2012年には第10回 年次XBIZ賞の”ライブカメラ アフィリエイトプログラムオブザイヤー” も受賞しました。



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