Introducing New PumaPay CTO: Aristos Christofides

PumaPay’s team is growing stronger as more and more technology and thought leaders are joining the project. Our latest hire is Aristos Christofides who is joining us as the Chief Technology Officer. Aristos is coming onboard in the exciting times when PumaPay is entering the phase of active development. He will help us take the project throughout the milestones and the multiple launch targets we have set for the next few years.

A graduate from the University of Westminster and Queen Mary University of London, Aristos brings over 15 years’ experience as a CTO within the financial and banking industries. In addition to his strong fintech background, Aristos shares PumaPay’s vision about the need of decentralization and disintermediation of the payments industry. We have caught up with Aristos to learn what drove him to join PumaPay, and how he sees the future of the project.

You have over a decade’s long experience within the financial and banking services industry. What makes you believe blockchain is the future?

Having worked in the financial industry for over 15 years, I have experienced the limitations of the existing banking system. I truly believe that blockchain is the future, and it’s only a matter of time until traditional banking model evolves into a decentralized one.

What specifically attracted you in the PumaPay project? Why did you decide to join?

When choosing a project, it is crucial to me that I share its vision and values. With PumaPay team, we share the same passion towards the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Furthermore, I was impressed with the work the team has done in such a short timeframe, and I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute my ideas, knowledge and skills to this project.

Where do you see PumaPay in 3 years?

These will be some very exciting 3 years when PumaPay will develop into a fully-fledged payment tool, running in parallel with credit cards and, potentially, replacing them as time goes by. PumaPay will also contribute towards the change of perception of cryptocurrencies, increasing the levels of credibility and governance towards the industry. That said, we’ll be staying true to the concept of decentralization and redefining daily payments.

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