Japan Blockchain Conference: in CEO’s own Words

Last week, the PumaPay team have had a few amazing days in Tokyo at the Japan Blockchain Conference. We caught up with the CEO Yoav Dror to chat about the event, and what it was like to present PumaPay in Japan officially for the first time.

Welcome back! So how was it? Did PumaPay conquer Japan?

Thanks, it was amazing! I would not say that we conquered Japan as we were coming in peace. Yet, in turn, I can tell you that it was Japan and the Japanese crypto community that have conquered our hearts. It was amazing to present the PumaPay project to the Japanese crypto investors and businesses interested in integrating the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol into their business model. We have been humbled by the huge interest in our project, the great questions people were asking, as well as the support and love expressed for PumaPay every step of the way. It was amazing, and we can’t wait to come back to Japan.

You did 2 presentations at the event. What was your main message to the Japanese audience?

Yes, PumaPay was presented during both days of the Japan Blockchain Conference. In both presentations (one shorter, and another one longer), I was focusing on introducing the product and technology, as well as showcasing the PumaPay ecosystem and the team of Early Adopters who have already committed to implementing the protocol. It was important for us to connect with the Japanese audience and to show them the bright future we envision for the PumaPay token.

PumaPay booth looked busy both days. Who were the people who came up to talk?

Yes, our booth had lots of traffic and attention. Over these 2 days, we’ve got the chance to talk to different demographics. Many of the visitors were PumaPay Pre-sale contributors, who had purchased the PumaPay token and now came up to meet us in person and to introduce themselves. It’s a truly amazing experience – to connect in real life with people who have been supporting us from afar. Then we had crypto enthusiasts asking us when and how they will be able to buy PumaPay on exchanges. We truly hope it happens soon, and we’ll keep you posted in our main Telegram group, as well as in the Japanese one, plus official social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. And, of course, our Business Development team have had lots of traction with potential Early Adopters – businesses who are interested in implementing the PumaPay Protocol. Stay tuned for new announcements about our exciting partnerships!

Was there a lot of media attention? Did you get any interviews?

Yes, there have been multiple interviews, and the stories have already been published by some Japanese media. It’s amazing to see the huge interest in PumaPay in Japan, and I was happy to take the time to answer questions from journalists.

Did many people participate in the raffle?

We’ve had a huge number of entries! With thousands of people interested in winning one Million of PumaPay tokens and one lucky winner, it was quite an exciting experience.

What is the next event PumaPay will be attending?

In July, we’ll be attending two events in Korea: Beyond Blocks Summit, part of the Korea Blockchain Week, and the Korea Blockchain Partners Summit. We’re stepping up our activities in Asia and have lots of exciting plans for the coming months.


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