New PumaPay Advisor: Kenji Sasaki

We are happy to announce a new powerful addition to the PumaPay Advisory Board! Kenji Sasaki, co-founder of Cardano, the CEO of Next Chymia Consulting HK, Corporate Officer of Emurgo, joins PumaPay as an Advisor. We are honored to have Mr Sasaki in our strategic team.
Mr Sasaki is a true visionary in the blockchain world, with impressive development and entrepreneurial achievements in the industry, especially in Japan. Not only are we happy that a leader of such caliber believed in PumaPay from its early stages, but that now he steps in to help us move from vision to execution.
‘I am honored to join PumaPay as an Advisor, – says Mr Sasaki. Developing the PullPayment Protocol and building its exciting ecosystem is a challenging yet very important task due to the project’s disruptive potential, values and the high focus on usability. PumaPay is the kind of project the blockchain industry needs today’.


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