New PumaPay Roadmap: Looking into the Future

As you know, we have just released version 2.0. of the PumaPay PullPayment Solution, as well as the Beta version of the fully revamped PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet.

We hope to conclude the testing and to take our solution to the Mainnet in the coming weeks.  As mentioned earlier, we also look into the future, and have expanded and updated the PumaPay Roadmap.

It’s important to remember that, as life in a startup goes, there may be setbacks and delays, so in no way is this schedule final. Yet, while some aspects of the Roadmap may be subject to change, this schedule represents our current view of the situation. As we progress in the development and possibly add new features, we may need to re-prioritize and reschedule some of the components. We’ll be updating and adjusting this Roadmap should the need arise.

We have broken down the development in three areas: The Protocol Core, Merchant Tools and Services, and the Wallet.


First and foremost, we expect the PullPayment Protocol to be launched on the Mainnet within the month of October. Right after that, the team will concentrate on the development of Version 3 of the PumaPay solution, which will be launched on a next-generation blockchain (more updates on this to come later). In parallel, we will be developing additional PullPayment scenarios which have been outlined in the White Paper: Recurring Payments with Variable Amount, Pay-per-use, and Shared Payments. We hope to have all these aspects finalized within March 2019. This should come under the release of  Version 3.0. Beta.

For merchants, we are currently working on the Business Portal MVP, which is expected to be released next month. The PumaPay Pride and the third version of the SDK are scheduled for early 2019.

When it comes to enhancements of the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet app, we are working towards facilitating in-wallet conversion: crypto-to-crypto, fiat-to-crypto, and crypto-to-fiat within winter. These features will make it easier for users to purchase PMA tokens, as well as convert and manage all their crypto assets. We also plan to start supporting non-ERC20 tokens, such as Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Stellar. While the order and dates of these deliverables may be changing, we are committed to increasing the functionality of the app. Furthermore, we will be developing native iOS and Android apps, which will ensure better performance on both platforms.

Another priority for us, which is not shown on the Roadmap, is expanding the acceptability of the PumaPay token. With this in mind, we will be starting integrations with our Early Adopters, hoping that with every new month, there will be more opportunities for crypto holders worldwide to pay in PMA.

We are also looking into providing our services as a payment layer on multiple blockchains. This should contribute to making PumaPay a standard cryptocurrency payment solution. Furthermore, we plan to start gradually introducing white-labelling wallet capabilities, so in the future other wallets would be able to support recurring billing based on the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol.

Having released Version 2.0 of the PumaPay solution, we look forward to bringing you more upgrades and new exciting features and thank you for joining us on this journey. We will keep the PumaPay community updated on the developments, so stay tuned!


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