Paying and Receiving Commissions Easily with PumaPay

In today’s business world, performance-based marketing is a must for growth and diversifying your customer base. Such schemes often involve paying commissions for your network’s marketing efforts. Whether you’re а brand manager at top brand or the marketing director of a startup, setting up a solid commission-based (affiliate) program can open a revenue stream without much of the hassle usually associated with setting up new marketing initiatives.

Most companies that have an online presence are looking at new ways to acquire customers via third parties. As a compensation method, most common is revenue share or pay-per-sale (PPS). However, to be able to deliver on your promises as a business and be transparent with your pool of individual marketers it takes lots of technological efforts and tracking everyone’s online activity. There’s also an issue of trust from individual marketers – are the sales being tracked properly? Will the commission be paid as it should? Brands who are committed to building a strong marketing network must be sure to address those concerns by providing a robust, transparent and scalable infrastructure.

Frictions concerning transparency of payments can now be solved by the blockchain technology and the smart solution PumaPay offers – a payment protocol making shared payments and commissions more accessible than ever before.

All transactions carried through PumaPay can be distributed to multiple recipients which gives all parties involved a high degree of trust as payments are instant and properly registered. By using this payment method both business owners and affiliates have a clear view of where the money is going and coming from.

In a real case scenario, any company wishing to switch to a commission-based marketing will be able to do it in a transparent and swift way. Payments to individual marketers will be paid on time with no intermediary fees thanks to PumaPay billing protocol. The technology behind the blockchain allows the business to create a Pull Contract that charges the customers and redirects the commissions with a Split Payment contract to individuals while splitting the right amounts for the network members and revenue from purchases. This scenario is described here in more detail.

The perks of PumaPay’s payment protocol are numerous, but notably the easiness and the transparency of delivering commissions on time and in a fair way. The blockchain assures all parties will receive their share risk-free.

If you are a business or a freelance marketing professional looking to solve payment issues, PumaPay is the solution to your needs, and will be available soon, with the TGE starting in just a few weeks. Join us on Telegram to stay updated on all PumaPay news, developments, and how your business can benefit from our innovative PullPayment protocol.


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