Why is the PMA token the future for your daily payments

PumaPay is set on reinventing the way we think about daily payments. Currently, it is in the development stage of a blockchain that supports an advanced billing infrastructure for merchants and consumers, allowing various payment scenarios over the blockchain. Its own cryptocurrency, the PumaPay (PMA) token stands out from other cryptocurrencies for a variety of reasons. You might ask then, what is so special about it? 

The PMA token is what fuels the project as a whole. You will be able to use the token to pay for subscriptions or other mainstream services, transactions that, so far, have been impossible with other digital currencies and projects. The revolutionary startup offers a global network of merchants operating in different industries and providing various services from IT to entertainment. So, isn’t this the perfect crypto scenario? 

If you are a consumer and are interested in single, straightforward payments, then you can use the PMA token as a form of exchange for any services provided by merchants who adopted the PumaPay protocol. But the digital currency’s uses do not end there. The digital token can be used for more advanced transactions, such as monthly, recurring and tailored payments, making it a simple and convenient medium as a credit card. Additionally, the charge for using the token for your transaction is pay-per-use which makes it a perfect fit for both vendors and users.  

The token can be stored on the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet, which is designed to support all other ERC20 tokens, too. From there you can get paid and send funds on-the-go and instantaneously. The wallet tracks any transaction of your tokens and you will receive in-app notifications so you can see at any time where your PMAs are coming from and where they are going.  

The PumaPay token is here to revolutionize the way we think and use cryptocurrencies. With  its own wallet to store, pay and receive funds, it makes it one of the most easy-to-use digital coins. Add to that a global network of merchants and businesses that have already committed to accept the token and we are talking about a pioneer in the industry. So, what are you still waiting for? Get your PMAs on favorite exchanges like HitBTC and CoinBene! 

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