Private Sale Results Are In!

Today is the historic day for PumaPay as we have wrapped up the Private Sale and can announce that PumaPay has raised the total amount of $117,019,041. No words can describe the team’s and my personal gratitude for your support and faith in the project. Our contributors have given life to the PumaPay project, enabling us to develop the PullPayment Protocol at the full scale. We are also grateful for the support of our Launch Partner and Early Adopters who represent the processing volume of over $10 Billion/year.

Everyone following PumaPay’s journey: You are our daily inspiration to continue redefining everyday payments by making crypto transactions accessible and convenient to merchants and customers worldwide.

Today, a little after 18:00 UTC, we have generated the total amount of 78,042,956,829 tokens. All contributors will start receiving their tokens soon. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the wallets compatible with PMA. We hope that soon PMA will be coming to top cryptocurrency exchanges and you, PumaPay community, will be the first to know all the news.

PumaPay may have concluded the token sale, but we’re just starting the journey. With the multiple components to release and milestones to reach, the team is dedicated to work hard and we’ll be sharing frequent updates of our progress.




    今日、18:00 UTC少し後に、合計78,042,956,829のトークンが発行されました。全ての貢献者はもうすぐトークンを受け取り始めます。PMAが対応できるウォレットについては今後の発表をお待ちください。すぐにPMAが暗号通貨取引所の上位に名前を連ね、あなたを含むPumaPayコミュニティがそれらのニュースを最初に知ることができます。


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