PumaPay  PullPayments  Are Now Available! 

We have just hit a major milestone, as we continue making our way down the PumaPay roadmap. There may have been challenges, but… we did it!

The PumaPay Ethereum-based recurring payment solution, as well as single PullPayment, is now up and running! The solution is currently available on the Testnet and will be switched to the Mainnet as soon as it passes all our tests, which we expect will happen within a few weeks.

Our SDK includes everything required in order to set up and integrate with our Protocol and is available on GitHub. The complete documentation will be published by our engineers in the following days.

This release also includes a major update for our mobile wallet which is currently available for Android (Beta Version). The iOS version is currently being reviewed by Apple and we anticipate it will be available within a few days. The new wallet is fully backward compatible with the previous version.

Version 2.0 supports three very common billing models:

1.  Subscription: time-based fixed-amount recurring billing (monthly, biweekly, weekly etc), where the number of billing cycles, as well as their frequency, are determined by the merchant.

2.  Trial + Subscription: this model is based on an initial charge for a certain period, followed by the subscription mode.

3. Single Pull Transaction: one-time PullPayment.

Given that all Pull transactions will initially only be available on the Testnet (until testing is completed and we move over to the Mainnet), transfers will be available for test tokens only. These can be obtained from the PumaPay Faucet.

We hope that the release of the Version 2.0 of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol is an important step towards redefining the usability of cryptocurrencies in today’s payment landscape, which will help merchants online and offline to easily set up recurring crypto billing once they adopt our payment solution.


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