PumaPay Billing Scenarios Now Available For 3rd Party Wallets

With 100+ brands already part of our Ecosystem, it’s time to expand our solution to multiple crypto wallets.

We have decided to open our wallet technology to other wallets, so they can support our advanced billing models, thus expanding the reach to end customers. PumaPay Wallet API  is fully documented and available online, currently supports the Single PullPayment model and three types of our Subscription model: Regular Subscription, Free Trial + Subscription and Paid Trial + Subscription.

As we expand our Payment Models Portfolio, we will add support for future models as well: Utility Payment Model, Top-up Payment Model, Pay-per-time Model and so forth. Although opening up our wallet technology to other wallets was not part of our original roadmap, we consider it a very significant step as it will allow hundreds of thousands of crypto holders to pay businesses who already chose to work with us, without having to have multiple wallets.

We have some more exciting product and roadmap related announcements coming up next week. Stay tuned!


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