PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet App: Vulnerability Assessment

We are pleased to announce that the security of our cryptocurrency wallet-app has been evaluated by an external company and has passed their vulnerability assessment. During this process, the 3rd party company was unable to retrieve the private keys.

At PumaPay, we take our users’ privacy seriously, so we regularly conduct a systematic analysis of our products’ vulnerabilities to ensure online security and prevent possible data breaches.

Following the successful completion of our invulnerability assessment, we are also planning to introduce the PumaPay Bug Bounty Program, inviting developers to join the program and search for possible weaknesses.

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    脆弱性診断が無事完了したことに続き、プログラム開発者を招きPumaPay Bug Bountyプログラムという、起こりえる弱点を見つけるためのプログラムの導入を計画しています。


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