PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet V 2.0: Testing Blockchain Integration

The 2nd version of the native PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet is beginning to take shape. Our development team is now testing the connection to the blockchain to enable recurring transactions.  

“This release of the wallet app will support fixed-amount recurring payments based on time and casual, one-time payments, which can take the form of Pull or Push transactions, typical to the Ethereum network. Users therefore need to make sure that they have enough ETH available in their wallet to allow the transaction to go through. Push transactions also involve a certain gas fee as per the Ethereum standards, unlike Pull payments which are gas-free for the user”, explains Giorgos Kourtellos, Blockchain Architect. 

Curious or excited to find out more? You will because the most exciting times in the PumaPay development are in full swing. Join us on TelegramTwitter and Facebook to stay in the know. 


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