PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet V 2.0: New Look and Feel 

PumaPay’s  2nd version of its native wallet app is now available on Mainnet. With a brand-new and cooler look than the previous release, the new PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet comes also with a set of groundbreaking features to support recurring payments with fixed amount.

PumaPay is the first ERC20 wallet to support subscription payments on the Ethereum network. With an intuitive interface designed to ensure best user experience, the sleek app allows you to:

• Restore any existing Ethereum account not just PumaPay, by simply entering the associated seed phrase, or create a new or an alternative Ether wallet to your current one.

• Buy or exchange PMA to ETH or any other ERC20 token. For quick purchase and to make your life easier, we’ve integrated a few exchanges where the PMA token is listed in the app. Check it out!

• Pay any online subscriptions in a few quick steps, which require you to: Approve your PullContract Account >Approve your smart contracts> Buy PMA and ETH> Submit payment.

• Cancel your subscription at any time by simply cancelling the related smart contract.

• Quickly share your wallet address with friends or business partners in expanded form or as a QR code, by email or instant message, and start receiving payments.

This is just a sneak peek! Want to get the feel of the real thing? Get it from Google Play  or Apple Store.

Future iterations will support Bitcoin payments, an FAQ section and the full spectrum of billing options illustrated in the White Paper.

PumaPay’s exciting journey doesn’t stop here. Connect with us on Telegram and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast of all updates.



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