PumaPay Faucet Is Here 

Now you can make test purchases with PMA tokens: PumaPay Faucet has arrived! This unique solution gives you an opportunity to preview how PumaPay transactions would work. You will find the PumaPay faucet useful if you’d like to test our SDK and/or POC, already available on Github, and if you feel like playing around with PMA test tokens in the PumaPay wallet. 

To get your test tokens, go to https://faucet.pumapay.io/, enter your wallet address and click “Submit”. Test transactions can take a few minutes to complete, while you will be able to view the status of the transaction throughout the process. However, you cannot access more than 50 test tokens per day, split in 5 doses of 10.  

Want to get some real PumaPay tokens? PumaPay is now listed on two major exchanges: HitBTC and CoinBeneClick here to learn more.


    本物のPumaPayトークンを手に入れたいですか?PumaPayはHitBTC や CoinBeneという2つの主要取引所に上場しています。


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