PumaPay Is Here to Stay! 

We’ve come a long way in only half a year of existence as a company and only two months after launching our project, we thought it was high time to justify the headlines we made in international media. 

A quick review 

Leaving the hype aside, PumaPay is one of the crypto projects that succeeded and made it past the ICO stage or in our case private sale. Despite the traction that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have gained in the last couple of years, ICOs are sometimes doomed. There are two main reasons for that: either they lack the long-term vision, holistic approach and a solid ecosystem to support them, or they channel all their efforts into marketing and forget about product development completely. That’s why they release an alpha version of their product only months or even years after the public sale has ended. The result? They lose credibility in the eyes of the community and join the ranks of pumps-and-dumps. 

Unlike many of these projects, PumaPay is backed by a solid ecosystem represented by early adopters, which count over 50 big brands from the online entertainment industry, technology and other sectors, such as ImLive (Launch Partner), FashionTV, Vivid Entertainment, AEBN, Rent24, ExposeBox, Backpack.io,  Moburst, MojoHost, XBIZ, Gamma Entertainment, CCBill, Payment Partner, to name a few. All these businesses create the perfect environment for PumaPay token holders to spend their tokens and offer them a wide range of buying options. 

But, this is not all! With its unique architecture of smart contracts, which forms the basis of its PullPayment Protocol, PumaPay opens a whole new chapter in the history of payments. By reversing the mechanism of transactions, our solution allows merchants to pull funds directly from customers’ accounts, according to predefined terms.  

In turn, this technological tweak to the blockchain technology paves the way for a wealth of real-life payment scenarios such as pay-per-use, recurring payments, shared, restricted, and installment-based transactions, which are now introduced to the blockchain. So, if you long fancied a way to use your tokens to purchase your favorite product, service or online content, now you have it: PumaPay. 

Enjoying the spotlight of major blockchain gatherings like iFX Expo, Money 2020, BIConf, or the Japan Blockchain Conference, to name again only a few, PumaPay is expanding its outreach to South Korea. Yes, we’re continuing our roadshow to Beyond Blocks Summit and the Blockchain Partners Summit, taking place in Seoul on July 17- 18 and July 21- 22. So, if you missed the chance to shake hands with our CEO at past events, you will get it now in Korea. 

What’s in it for merchants? 

PumaPay is the first blockchain-based payment protocol that comes with a versatile value proposition for businesses cross-industry. Developed with merchants in mind, PumaPay provides online and offline retailers with a solution that is just as reliable and flexible as credit cards yet more cost-effective. Particularly because of the technological innovation it brings to the blockchain, the PullPayment Protocol makes the payment process smooth, direct and eliminates all the hassles that merchants face with traditional means, such as chargebacks and high processing fees, which may hit as high as 15%, in some cases. Merchants from industries considered ‘high-risk’ usually face this kind of discriminatory fees. And reactions from a few of our early adopters were not late to come:  

“PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol is a game changer for us: no more high-risk fees and chargebacks!” (ImLive) 

“A payment method with great flexibility and broad global acceptance is needed to reduce barriers for use in a global economy that is inclusive, not exclusive” (MojoHost) 

“Thanks to PumaPay we can now offer our customers a new way to pay for our services, which allows them to use their cryptocurrency holdings.” (Rent24) 

“PumaPay is a fantastic solution that cuts transaction costs, eliminates middlemen and keeps transactions private.” (AEBN) 

“PumaPay is a viable solution that allows us to process cryptocurrency payments and increase customer loyalty among crypto holders.” (CCBill) 

 “We were impressed with the technological innovation that PumaPay brings to the blockchain to finally allow standard billing in the digital world and provide vendors and shoppers with a viable alternative to fiat.” (ExposeBox) 

But the innovation does not stop here. Being an open-source solution launched only 1 week after the TGE, PumaPay comes with a complete set of API and SDK tools which allow easy integration with any type of platform. This also allows merchants to either clone the whole project or use only parts of it and adjust it to their business needs, or even build their own billing methodology on the blockchain. 

Because PumaPay serves merchants all the way, future releases of the solution will also allow businesses that are part of the PumaPay ecosystem to promote their products or services using a cutting-edge B2C feature called the ‘Merchant Portal’. This also allows merchants to run marketing campaigns and promotions, gaining more exposure to crypto holders, who will be able to access detailed information about their favorite brand or product directly in their wallet app. This information is presented in the PumaPay Pride, which is a unique feature of the app listing all the businesses that accept the PumaPay Token as a means of payment. 

What’s in it for users? 

Last, but not the least, crypto holders have the chance to make the most of our native wallet app, PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet, which allows them to easily send and receive payments in PMA, ETH and all other ERC20 tokens. What’s more, the app also offers users an overview of the equivalent value of their token balance in major fiat currencies: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP. 

As we continue to develop the project and the wallet app, users will also enjoy enhanced features with future releases, among which noteworthy are in-app currency exchange via ShapeShift extension, in-app funding using credit/debit cards, face recognition and a lot more.  

Did we make you curious? Check in regularly on Telegram and keep an eye on our main social media channels to make sure you never miss our updates. A hot summer lies ahead for us, the PumaPay team and you, our community, with a lot of exciting releases just around the corner. 


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