PumaPay Strikes Partnership with Leading Hosting Provider MojoHost

PumaPay has expanded its cryptocurrency ecosystem to the adult technology industry by striking a partnership with Mojohost, the leader in adult hosting solutions.  MojoHost has committed to adopt the PumaPay protocol and token as a payment method, allowing its clients to pay for hosting services with PumaPay tokens.

Unlike crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, that rely on a “Push” method of sending payment from A to B, the PumaPay open source “Pull” payment protocol allows more robust payment options.  It allows merchants to request payments by “pulling” them from A to B.  Perfect for subscription based or recurring payments, like web hosting.  PumaPay has raised over $117M and has a token supply over 78 billion. The private sale and token generation completed on May 7, 2018.

MojoHost is the market-leading provider of cutting-edge hosting technology in the US and EU, catering not just to adult companies and websites but to many mainstream companies as well.  MojoHost has been reaching beyond its legacy core offerings of dedicated hosting servers into more versatile offerings all under one roof.  Its services now include virtual private servers (VPS), domain registrations, a global content delivery network, and cloud hosting services are coming in the near future.  MojoHost is committed to ensuring its payment methods keep up with its technology advances.

MojoHost prizes integrity, value and innovation above popular trends and buzzwords. Presented with PumaPay, I was impressed by its technology platform, roadmap and the significant investment supporting this endeavor to successfully bring it to the finish line. A payment method with great flexibility and broad global acceptance is needed to reduce barriers for use in a global economy that is inclusive, not exclusive. Usefulness is the gold standard, not speculation and short-term gain. As an international web host to more than 100,000 websites, MojoHost takes its fiduciary responsibility very seriously. When clients ask to make payment using PumaPay, we will be answering this call“, says Brad Mitchell, MojoHost CEO.

Embracing the same vision, PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror states “Our recent partnership with MojoHost couldn’t make us prouder. PumaPay is all about the growing ecosystem that allows merchants from different industries to accept the PumaPay Token as a means of payment. With successful online businesses like MojoHost on our side, we are in the position to affirm that the PumaPay economy is growing fast and so is the spending potential of the PumaPay Token.

PumaPay boasts over 50 market-leading businesses from different industries among its Early Adopters, including fashion, adult entertainment and online solution providers, which create the perfect environment for PumaPay spending. As more companies line up to adopt the protocol, token holders will be presented with a multitude of buying choices among international brands.

MojoHost holds 37 awards for outstanding hosting services and business practices. It is the leading choice for hosting in the adult industry.  Established in 1999, MojoHost’s growth and attention to powering the success of its clients has positioned it as a choice for mainstream hosting needs as well.  They offer dedicated servers, virtual private servers, the MojoCDN global content delivery network, domain registration with free whois privacy, and other technology solutions.


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