PumaPay Version 2 Release: Why does it matter?

It has only been months since the PMA token was minted, and here we are releasing the second version of the  PumaPay  solution. While the final version of the protocol will come under  Version 3 in 2019, this version 2 is crucial. But, why does it matter so much? We have asked this question to the key people of the PumaPay  project: CEO Yoav Dror  and CTO Aristos Christofides.

Yoav Dror, PumaPay CEO:

The release of Version 2 matters on two levels: technological and reputational. From a technological perspective, our innovative PullPayment Protocol now allows recurring payments for the first time on the Ethereum blockchain network. There are multiple projects which are trying to tackle this problem, and many which only exist as a concept and potential architecture. At the same time, PumaPay provides a working solution, which is ready for implementation. Today, merchants can take our SDK and API, and start integrating and testing recurring payments on the Ethereum network. We’ll be switching to the Mainnet as soon as we complete the testing of the system, within a few weeks.

Secondly, it is very important for PumaPay to meet the expectations the community and contributors have placed in us. We have delivered recurring payments on the Ethereum network as promised, within the timelines. We have a fully revamped the mobile wallet app which now supports recurring payments. Android version is already available, while the iOS version will be released as soon as it’s reviewed by Apple. Furthermore, we are working on new features that had not been previously mentioned in the White Paper and the original Road Map.

Aristos Christofides, PumaPay CTO:

It is exciting and rewarding to be the first to release something that has not been done before. Introducing recurring payments on the Ethereum network has been an ambitious task, and we are thrilled to bring them to the public. With the SDK already available on Github and core functionality in place, merchants can explore the option of billing their clients on a recurring basis in cryptocurrency. We will be further testing and enhancing the solution in the coming month, but it’s here and available on Testnet. Soon, we will release the Merchant Portal, a convenient interface where businesses can set up their pricing and billing in the PumaPay token. New things will keep coming, but it does not make Version 2 less valuable.

As Yoav said, it’s also important that we have kept our promise in delivering the recurring payment solution. A brand-new concept was brought to life by an entirely new team. It’s easy to forget that PumaPay has been around for less than a year, and the speed of development has surprised me immensely, taking no more than 3 months for us to get to this point. As a team of developers, we are thankful for the support and trust we’ve been getting, and we look forward to delivering other groundbreaking solutions to the global crypto community.

Want to try it out? Visit Google Play Store and get the Beta version of the app.


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