PumaPay Wallet Now Supports Bitcoin!

The PumaPay cryptocurrency wallet supports Bitcoin! From now on, you can store, send, receive and convert your BTC within our wallet app. Forget juggling wallets and exchanges: the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet has everything you need for your daily crypto activities.

Already available for Android, and iOS version coming up later this week, PumaPay’s Mobile Wallet App has all the features you need for convenient crypto usage. From now on, you can you send, receive, store and convert all ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin as well! Just as promised, we now support the world’s biggest cryptocurrency.

The PumaPay wallet is growing in features and options: on top of the basic wallet functionalities, we also support subscription management from within the wallet – you can now subscribe to recurring payments and manage these subscriptions within the app. This includes immediate cancellation within the wallet, where you don’t need to contact the business or your bank. In addition, several weeks ago we integrated with Changelly for crypto-crypto conversions from within the wallet.

Last, but definitely not least, our app successfully passed a vulnerability assessment carried out by an external company.  During comprehensive assessment, hackers tried to retrieve the wallet private keys, but did not succeed. PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet was proven secure! What else do you need to manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, PMA, ERC20 tokens, and subscriptions?

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