PumaPay Welcomes BitNautic

November 22, Limassol, Cyprus – PumaPay, the blockchain-based payment protocol providing recurring crypto payments on the Ethereum network, is adding BitNautic to its ecosystem, further expanding its global network.

The Swiss-based blockchain platform for the shipping industry decided  to adopt PumaPay’s crypto-currency payment and billing solution, including accepting crypto payments in PumaPay (PMA) tokens, alongside BitNautic’s native token, the BTNT.

BitNautic is a decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain which enables a network of consumers, producers of goods and importers/exporters to trade products through the blockchain. Tapping into the new potential of blockchain payment systems, BitNautic’s trading platform for commodities not only empowers merchants and consumers, but also offers transparency, efficiency and most importantly protection against hacks, frauds or viruses.

BitNautic representative said: “We’re very excited about this partnership and the benefits it will bring to the BitNautic project. Our mission has always been to create an open market, where every player of the logistics industry can take advantage of the power of blockchain technology and adding PMA to the BTNT as a payment method will surely unlock new opportunities and untapped markets.”

PumaPay’s innovation lies in its ‘PullPayment’ protocol and its architecture of smart contracts that redefines the payment process by reversing the mechanics of transactions. This enables payment practices, such as recurring payments and subscriptions, pay-per-use, direct debit, shared payments (affiliate programs) and more, which have been impossible or infeasible on the blockchain before.

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Enquiries: [email protected]


Enquiries:  [email protected]

About BitNautic:

BitNautic is the One Hub for the global trade industry. It is an all-in-one solution for all industry players, which allows shippers to book transport for their cargo choosing and combining the best carriers in terms of price, speed and carrier reputation, based on real users’ experiences.

The platform is built on the Blockchain, a cutting-edge technology that allows full supply chain transparency, secure digital management of data and documentation, safe payments without the need of third-party approval, and much more.

About PumaPay:

PumaPay offers an open source free-of-charge blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes a whole layer of transaction processing services. The comprehensive and flexible protocol allows adopters to process transactions using nearly all the familiar billing methodologies and combines the best of traditional methods (credit cards) and blockchain-based solutions.

    BitNautic が PumaPay 暗号通貨決済ソリューションを導入

    11月22日 キプロス、リマソル – Ethereum ネットワークで定期継続決済ソリューションを提供する、ブロックチェーンベースの決済プロトコル PumaPay は、 BitNautic をそのエコシステムの一員として迎え、グローバルネットワークをさらに拡大しました。…

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