PumaPay-Wix Partnership: in CEO’s Own Words

Late last week, exciting news came out: Wix has chosen to implement PumaPay as one of its payment methods. As a NASDAQ trading company and a leading cloud-based development platform, Wix is arguably one of PumaPay’s biggest Early Adopters. We caught up with PumaPay CEO Yoav Dror for a few questions about this exciting partnership, and what it means for PumaPay

What makes Wix partnership so special?
Wix is the first public company 
PumaPay has ever partnered with. Trading on NASDAQ, Wix is a household name worldwide, and we are excited about this opportunity to bring our services to over 126 million of Wix users worldwide.

Tell us more about the integration. 

We expect the integration to happen on 2 levels. We hope that Wix customers will be able to pay their website subscriptions through the recurring payments  feature of the PumaPay PullPayment protocol. Basically, we hope to see PumaPay available as a payment option to Wix users alongside credit cards. But that’s not all: we expect that merchants who run their online businesses through Wix websites will be able to bill their customers in PMA, through the payment scenarios enabled by the PullPayment protocol. If such an integration happens, it will mean bringing PumaPay and its potential to an even wider audience. 

Do you have estimations of the number of PumaPay users brought by the Wix partnership? 

We do not have exact numbers at our fingertips, however, we hope that this implementation will bring significant volume to the PumaPay ecosystem.  

When do you expect Wix to launch the PumaPay solution?  

The exact timelines will be determined by Wix, after the PullPayment Protocol is finalized according to our Roadmap.  

Any other great partnerships announcements coming up? 

Yes! We have already partnered with over 60 early adopters and do not intend to stop. In fact, we’ll be announcing partnership with another global brand and recognized industry leader in the coming days.

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