The PumaPay  Cryptocurrency Wallet V2.0  for Android (Beta version) is Here!  

It’s official: version 2.0 of the  PumaPay  Cryptocurrency Wallet for Android (Beta version)  is now available in Google Play Store (Beta version).  The iOS version is currently being reviewed by Apple and we anticipate it will be available within a few days.  

The brand-new wallet app comes with a set of groundbreaking features to facilitate recurring transactions for the first time on the Ethereum network.   

The new PumaPay  app allows you to:  

    • Easily subscribe to crypto-based recurring payments.  
  • Cancel subscriptions directly from the Wallet, without having to interact with the merchant. You’re always in control of your payments. 
  • Create or restore an existing ERC20 wallet with the associated 12 words seed phrase.  
  • Quickly share your wallet address to receive funds, through direct message.  
  • Enjoy a sleek design, an intuitive interface, and more.  

We are working on future releases in which we intend to include many new and exciting features such as support for popular non-ERC20 coins (BTC, BCH, LTC etc.), in-wallet crypto-to-crypto conversion, in-wallet funding and more.    

Please note that the team is still working on improving the Version 2.0 of the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet (Beta). Join us! If you find any bugs, report them in our newly created Telegram group, PumaPay Bug Reporting here. We’ll appreciate your feedback!  

Visit Google Play Store and get the Beta version of the app.


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