Top 10 Things People Will Be Paying with Cryptos For by 2020

Remember the time when swiping a piece of plastic to pay for your groceries seemed both crazy and fancy? Believe it or not, some of us still do! Today, paying with cryptos for everything sounds more or less like science fiction. The simple presence of the word “less” in the sentence says it all, because there are at least top 10 things people will be paying with cryptos for by 2020, eCommerce statistics suggest.

In the era of rising online technology and eCommerce, the payments industry simply had to roll with the flow. More and more merchants are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange for their goods or services worldwide.

Utility bills

It was about time utility providers moved forward with this. Blockchain-based solutions like PumaPay open a whole new frontier when it comes to bill payments. Keep forgetting to pay your bills? Simply set up recurring monthly payments and allow service providers to automatically pull funds from your wallet, being sure that the amount will not exceed the value of your bill.

Subscriptions: from streaming media to gym membership and more

The next big payment types that cryptos provide a valid alternative to fiat money to are streaming media and gym membership subscriptions. In the exact same way that you set up your bill payments, you can choose to pay your favorite magazine, TV, Internet and gym membership subscriptions with PumaPay. No more fuss checking credit card statements. Next-generation blockchain technology makes transactions smooth and instant.

Dinner out and other quick payments

We all enjoy going out from time to time, don’t we? Well, thanks to smart crypto payment protocols, you will soon be able to pay for your dining with cryptocurrencies. With PumaPay, for example, the payment will go through fast (as opposed to up to 1 hour with Bitcoin), while transaction fees will be close to zero and directly handled by the restaurant. Perfect for quick everyday payments!

With a simple scan of a QR code, you can pay for your dinner in a flash and even tip your waiter. Virtual money help you forget all about the fuss with credit cards: everything is done electronically and stored in your wallet. If you make sure to keep your private key safe out of malicious reach, your funds will be safe too in your virtual wallet, while your physical wallet will be getting thinner (in a good sense).

Medical checkups

Need to pay a visit to your doctor to make sure you’re in good health or need treatment? PumaPay makes things easy again. Instead of swiping your card to pay for your care, you present a QR code at the cash desk and you’re good to go. With the technology capable of supporting restricted payments, insurance companies and medical service providers have multiple ways of streamlining their services and improving patients’ experience.

Travel expenses

Need to travel for work? Dreading the idea of filling in forms and claim travel expenses? Thanks to its pull-based protocol, PumaPay takes travel expenses to the crypto age. Not only will you be able to cover the cost of your travel tickets and hotel booking with PMA tokens, but also pay for your meals, taxi or local public transport trips. However, as we’re talking about a business trip, your corporate PumaPay wallet will be restricted only to subsistence expenses such as the ones mentioned not to fancy spending like a disco or casino night.

This will save both you and your boss a lot of energy and time invested in sorting out bureaucratic issues.

Affiliate commissions

Looking for a safe and reliable way to pay your affiliates for their efforts? Look no more, the blockchain has you covered. Building a strong affiliate network takes time and trust. When you’re new in the market, no marketing guru will be too eager to start sharing your word with the world since they don’t know you. That’s again an area in which PumaPay really shines. Allowing merchants to set up a specific type of SplitPay contract, even small businesses with little to no marketing budget have the chance to share their story across their industry thanks to smart protocols like PumaPay.


Who would’ve thought that there would come a time when you’d be able to repay your loan with cryptocurrencies? Well, it’s not SF anymore. More and more banks and governments are eager to explore the crypto power. Venezuela, for instance, has even launched its Petro as an alternative to fiat money and at the same time help beat corruption through the increased security it provides as a means of payment.

Rabobank, one of the Dutch leading banking institutions and prominent voice in the world of finance, is also tapping into crypto technology, having expressed its interest in launching its own cryptocurrency called Rabobit. So, if banks are looking into it, from here to paying loans with cryptocurrency is only one step.

By 2020, it looks like we will all rely on smart contracts and protocols designed to support split and installment-based payments such as PumaPay, and it won’t be bad at all! Paying your mortgage will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.


We’re all too familiar with the hurdles that tax payers and revenue department clerks go through at the end of every quarter. Well, because of blockchain technology, paying taxes will not be a messy business anymore. It’s only a matter of time when people will start paying their taxes through smart contracts. With protocols like PumaPay, once the PullContract is approved, funds are automatically pulled from your wallet. Depending on your preset parameters, this may happen regularly.


Not only tax and loan payments will enter the cryptomoney world by 2020 but also, education. With cutting-edge protocols like PumaPay’s PullProtocol, any student will be able to pay for their tuition in an online but also offline environment.

By simply setting up the best suitable type of PullContract, any institute or university can go crypto in a simple, fast and smart way.


Charities can take it up a notch by accepting crypto donations, and some of them already do. Yet, with the new-generation blockchain, it will become easier to donate small amounts in crypto, as transaction fees will no longer be a problem, and donors will be able to give more. If you have a favorite charity that you support regularly, setting up scheduled donation payments is an amazing way to keep it up with your social responsibility and continue making the world a better place.

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    公共サービス事業者側がようやく動き出しそうです。PumaPayのようなブロックチェーンベースのソリューションは請求書の支払いに新しい領域を開きます。請求書の支払いを忘れることが多いですか?では、 定期月次払いを設定し、請求書の金額を超えないように気を付けながら、サービス提供者があなたのウォレットから自動で資金を引き出せるようにしましょう。

    暗号通貨が法定通貨に取って変わる次の大きな決済タイプは、ストリーミングメディアや ジム会費などのサブスクリプションです。請求書の支払いを設定するように、お気に入りの雑誌やTV、インターネットやジム会費をPumaPayで支払うことを選択できます。クレジットカードの明細書を確認する手間はもう必要ありません。次世代のブロックチェーン技術により取引をスムーズで即時に行えるようになります。


    たまには外食を楽しんだりすることもありますよね?スマートな暗号通貨決済プロトコルのおかげで、外食を暗号通貨で支払えるようになります。例えばPumaPayでは、支払いは 素早く行うことができると同時に(ビットコインは最大1時間程度かかります)、手数料はほぼゼロに近く、レストランが直接処理することができます。日常の即時払いに最適な手段です!

    QRコードをスキャンすることで、すぐに夕飯の支払いをすることができますし、ウエイターにチップを渡すこともできます。仮想マネーはクレジットカードにまつわる面倒くささから解放してくれます。全ては電子的に行うことができ、ウォレットに保管されます。悪意のある対象からの攻撃から、 秘密鍵 を守ってさえいれば、あなたの仮想ウォレットは安全です。そして現実のお財布は薄くなるでしょう(いい意味で)。

    健康診断を受けたり、治療を受けるのに病院へ行く必要はありますか?PumaPayはこれをも簡単にします。あなたのカードをスワイプする代わりに、現金カウンターでQRコードを提示し、これで終了です。 制限払いに対応した技術によって、保険会社や医療サービス提供者は、サービスを一元化したり、患者経験を向上させるいくつもの手段を手に入れることができます。





    暗号通貨でローンの支払いができるようになる時代が来るなんて、誰が想像したことがあるでしょうか?それはもうSFの世界ではないのです。多くの銀行や政府が暗号通貨の力を探求したいと思っています。例えばベネズエラは、 石油を法定通貨の代わりにするようになり、それは同時に決済手段として高い安全性を提供することで汚職と闘うことができるのです。






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