Top Crypto Ideas That’ll Make You Go ‘Whaaaaaat?’

Set on a mission to end poverty worldwide, corruption, smooth out payments and disrupt whole industries (in the good sense), by encouraging merchants to create decentralized version of their platforms and thus giving them the possibility to manage their own wealth while offering alternative payment options to their customers, blockchain technology is making huge strides towards changing the financial system worldwide. However, leaving blockchain practicalities and usability aside, today we’re going to let our hair down and speak about the kinky, weird, funny, useless and, well, jaw-dropping and less-talked-about side of cryptocurrencies.

Surfing the Internet, we’ve come across a few of the most interesting and insanely imaginative crypto ideas that’ll make you go ‘Whaaaaaaat?’


Dogecoin or a rather pet-oriented cryptocurrency has been in the digital currency realm since 2013, attracting an active community on Reddit-like social media, built around the fondness for the Shiba Inu dog. Building quite a reputation over time, by sponsoring Olympic athletes and NASCAR drivers, Dogecoin is well-positioned in the market, sitting on a cap that exceeds $650 million since December 2017.


Yes, that’s the name of it, no typo. The reputed camera company Kodak, announced at CES in January that they will be using a branded cryptocurrency – KodakCoin – to manage digital image rights and pay their photographers for their services. Additionally, the famed camera maker announced that a dedicated Kodak KashMiner mining service will go along with it. Despite the greatness of the brand behind it and the spike in the Kodak share prices the announcement caused on the NY Stock Exchange, the ICO has already been postponed once as if to buy the company time to identify more potential investors. Whether or not photographers will buy into the idea remains to be seen. However, the coin deserves a top mention among our out-of-the-box crypto ideas.


Well, if the first two ICO ideas were ‘mild’ or ‘well-behaved’, get ready for some ‘hanky-panky’ crypto names that will make you go ‘Whaaaaaaat?’ and more. Such is PotCoin, which as its name suggests, aims at providing a decentralized payment infrastructure for the legal cannabis industry. Blockchain secures a number of distinct advantages and out-of-the-box solutions to this line of business, which are not be ignored such as anonymity and security of transactions. Saying that, a series of cannabis-focused coins have emerged among which CannabisCoin, KushCoin, Bongger, Ganjacoinpro are buzzworthy.


LegalFling or the sexual consent app is the creation of Dutch startup LegalThings and strives to establish a system that creates and verifies consent between two people before intercourse. The idea of the open-source project stems from the recent decision of the Swedish parliament, which enshrines receiving explicit consent before any sexual activity. While in theory, this may be a way to prevent sexual abuse, it is debatable whether it works in reality. How many would grab their smartphone to log in their consent in the heat of the moment?


As its Playboy-ish name suggests, the Bunny token attempts to blockchainize adult entertainment. Addressing the woes of adult entertainment industry merchants and consumers, the ‘naughty’ coin and protocol solves the soaring problem of anonymity while offering a fully decentralized banking system for adult content providers.


Titcoin (TIT) is another example of a hot cryptocurrency set on a journey to become the de facto means of payment for adult content providers. Partnering with Gizmodo, Playboy, Men’s Health and other reputed adult media outlets, Titcoin is a tradable asset across exchanges, priced at $0.012368.


Remaining in the area of human anatomy, the next token that preserves some connection to sexuality, to some extent evoking the old saying that ‘sex sells’ is Penis. The funny-named cryptocurrency is the concoction of Prodeum, a company that allegedly stole the identities of its team members and vanished leaving behind only a website with the word ‘penis’. Funny enough, despite the founders’ plan to raise $6.5 million, they only managed to collect a total of $11.

Regarded as a scam, the penis crowdfunding and dealings started a wave of outrage among blockchain enthusiasts who spread the word across various media. However, Ethereum wallet holders can actually boast owning the funny yet totally useless token, which exists more or less by default in every Ether wallet under DeltaBalances, ‘Show unlisted tokens’ menu. For those of you who wish to maximize that ‘potential’, you can also get some Dickels.

Fuck Token

No, it’s not what you think. The initials making up the crypto acronym stand for ‘Finally Usable Crypto Karma’. Vision & mission: “To help everyone around the world give a FUCK”.

Interestingly, the FUCK token sits on a healthy market cap of $1 million at the time of writing, with a total volume of $1,301 in the last 24 hours. Additionally, rumour has it that the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin owns exactly 101 FUCKS.

Evancoin or the time-bite crypto

Coined (pun intended) by tech geek and blockchain enthusiast Evan Prodromou, who steps up by creatively selling his time on the Ethereum blockchain. So, those of you who are in constant need of TIME, now you can easily “buy and sell my time in hourly chunks called Evancoin and use that time any way you’d like”. Freelancers may potentially take advantage of this new time-bite offering on the Ethereum network to get in the market at crypto speed.


Leaving the area of crypto fun facts and uselessness for a while, we head off to dentistry. Dentacoin is the first digital token and blockchain network that provides dentists and patients with a secure data sharing system, which expands over medical records, trading products and materials and even using DCN to pay for procedures.


The fruit of the imaginative efforts of musician Imogen Heap, Mycelia is a “growing collective of creatives, professionals and lovers of music lovers” developed as a sustainable and copyright-healthy system for musicians, thus ensuring ” fair remuneration, transparency, and a multitude of new business opportunities for musicians”, Heap says.

Useless Ethereum Token

The Useless Ethereum Token (UET) is one-of-a-kind, and it doesn’t shy away from what it actually is – useless. Described as “the world’s first 100% honest ICO”, UET is quite fast, carrying “no value”, offering “no security” and delivering “no product”. If you had some cash to spare, wouldn’t you invest it in such an ICO, at least for the fun of it if not for its honesty? Obviously, others did. According to CoinMarketCap, the useless token’s market cap lies at $64,521 at the moment of writing. Not bad at all for a token devoid of any value.


Unlike its peers mentioned so far, Coinye is the first joke token to be launched. Having the cartoonish image of Kanye West as its icon, the value-less token was doomed, and it did vanish from the crypto world almost immediately after the startup behind it got a cease & desist letter from the rapper’s lawyers. However, it deserves a place among our fantasy coins as it inspired other two politically-oriented cryptos like TrumpCoin and PutinCoin, both of which low as they may be quoted on exchanges, it’s still better than not at all. Whether they are part of an odd marketing strategy developed around the world’s two most influential political figures and leaders or just the coinage of some insanely creative mind, they’re lacking sustainability in like Coinye manner.

From here to having the famed pink elephant crypto-coined into a PinkyEllyCoin (PEC) is less than one step away, making us wonder: Blockchain where to? If you liked this article or found it crazy enough to make you go ‘Whaaaaat?’, drop us a line on Telegram and let’s talk about anything crypto and blockchain.


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