Top Memes Going Around in the Crypto Space

Who says crypto people lack sense of humor? On the contrary, they have a pretty sharp one if they can come up with jokes targeting their crypto fortune and, well, the common HODLing behavior of most crypto supporters. Here are the top memes that have shaken the crypto space with laughter.

  1. 2 Bitcoins for the afterlife

Had Bitcoin emerged in ancient times, ancient Greeks would have most likely offered Hades, the ruler of the realm of the dead, a monetary gratification to look after their loved ones in the afterlife.

Image credits: @memegourmet

  1. Get Bitcoin and get the girl!

Those of you who are a bit shy or feel intimidated in the presence of your girlfriend-to-be, this strategy cannot fail. At least, crypto experts say so.


Image credits: thebraintickle

Although Bitcoin seems to be dominating the meme space, it’s not the only coin in the spotlight. That said, our no. 3 is a cute one.

  1. Dog lovers won’t resist

Pin by Brenda Christmas

How can you not HODL?

  1. Your daily dose of BitMatrix

This little hoax speaks for itself. ?

Image credits jwiechers

  1. Married, with no Bitcoin

What could a couple be thinking of after 5 years of marriage? Maybe this will give you a clue.

Image credits cryptofiends

Should he or shouldn’t he have bought and HODL it? Time definitely proved it might have been worth a try.

  1. Mining before and after the advent of blockchain

The advent of new technologies improves lives and, well, labor.

Image credits @Cryptoplace

  1. Scared of the dip? Don’t be!

Experts say that dips are only tips… to buy and HODL.

Image credits Cryptomemes4you

  1. Stepping into the crypto world

For those of you who don’t know how a new cryptocurrency is launched, Clifford is ready to give you expert tips.

Image credits r/bitcoin

And…. shoot! BTC goes to the moon.

  1. When the price of your just-bought altcoin hits record highs

Aren’t we all so familiar with this look?

Image credits @KayJay

  1. When you are obviously, team HODL

Image credits BrandonElliott2

If you were wondering where PMA would fit in, it’s here: HODL. This is your chance to get it from HitBTC or CoinBene and have fun saving the world.

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