TravelBlock to Implement PumaPay Cryptobilling Solution

Limassol, Cyprus—January 22, 2019—PumaPay, the cryptocurrency payment and billing solution, announced today that TravelBlock, blockchain travel booking platform, will adopt PumaPay’s cryptobilling solution in the near future. PumaPay’s unique PullPayment Protocol aims to provide TravelBlock the flexibility they need to conduct their daily cryptocurrency transactions efficiently. The PumaPay protocol plans to introduce multiple payment scenarios—from top-up to subscription and utility payment models, to name a few, in order to cover the diverse needs of modern consumers and enhance businesses’ offering.

Yoav Dror, CEO of Decentralized Vision Limited, has said:

We believe that PumaPay’s solution will become a viable payment method that can be used by real consumers and businesses in everyday transactions. We are very pleased that TravelBlock has agreed to adopt our protocol, and we are going to continue growing our circle of businesses so that our PMA token becomes an established method for financial transactions.

Douglas Saunders, CEO of TravelBlock has said:

TravelBlock is shaking up the travel industry by bringing closed consumer prices to the public with the help of their TRVL token. By eliminating the Global Distribution System, you the consumer are now able to enjoy massive discounts in comparison to those other booking sites averaging between 30% to 60% off on thousands of Hotels, Private Resorts, Flights, Cruises and more.

The number of businesses who have committed to adopt the PumaPay protocol continues to grow. Among them are reputable names such as Vivid Entertainment, Rent24,, and XBIZ, to name a few.

About PumaPay

PumaPay offers a blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes a whole layer of transaction processing services. The comprehensive and flexible protocol allows adopters to process transactions using nearly all the familiar billing methodologies and combines the best of traditional methods (credit cards) and blockchain-based solutions. Visit or contact  [email protected] for more information.

About TravelBlock

TravelBlock introduces a new generation of travel by eliminating the traditional Global Distribution System and going through the blockchain. By doing so, it utilizes the blockchain’s advantages, such as lower costs, anonymity, security, and transparency. Using TravelBlock’s TRVL tokens, users get an average of 30% to 60% discount on their vacation needs, through a private consumer platform available only to (TRVL) token holders. Visit or contact [email protected] for more information.


    2019年1月22日 キプロス、リマソル

    Decentralized Vision Limited CEOのYoav Drorはこう述べています:


    TravelBlock CEOのDouglas Saundersはこう述べています:


    PumaPayのプロトコルの早期導入事業者の数は拡大を続けています。その中でも評判の高いものをいくつかあげると、Vivid Entertainment、Rent24、、XBIZなどがあげられます。



    PumaPay は、トランザクション処理サービスの全レイヤーが分散化された、オープンソースなブロックチェーンベースのプロトコルを提供しています。包括的で柔軟なプロトコルにより、提携者はほぼ既存の請求方法を使用してトランザクションを処理することができ、従来の方法(クレジットカード)とブロックチェーンベースのソリューションを組み合わせることが可能です。




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