VallettaPay Becomes one of PumaPay’s Early Adopters

Limassol, Cyprus, October 25, 2018 – PumaPay, the open source blockchain-based billing protocol which is preparing a unique billing infrastructure, the PullPayment Protocol, announced its partnership with global payments solution VallettaPay. VallettaPay is one of PumaPay’s Early Adopters, which means that the company will adopt the PumaPay protocol as a crypto payment solution for its customers.

PumaPay, which is in the middle of developing an all-encompassing payment architecture, including the provision of flexible and customised smart contracts for recurring payments, will offer VallettaPay’s customers a cost-effective way of paying using PumaPay’s PumaPay (PMA) token. As an electronic money institution and service provider, VallettaPay will avoid chargebacks with streamlined and transparent crypto-payments.

VallettaPay will be adding PumaPay’s payment solution to its already rich offering of payment services. As PumaPay follows its cryptocurrency trajectory, developing its services and growing its products, it gains more recognition and traction by partnering with innovative institutions such as VallettaPay.

PumaPay’s CEO Yoav Dror said that the partnership with VallettaPay will enhance the payment options offered by global payment companies and add to PumaPay’s reputable presence in the blockchain universe: “We are pleased to welcome one more Early Adopter to our growing network of partners and we believe that when the PullPayment billing solution is fully implemented, it will enrich VallettaPay’s product. By expanding the circle of Early Adopters which will use the PumaPay token (PMA) as an efficient payment method, PumaPay is laying the foundation for offering a value-added deliverable.

Chairman of ValletaPay Colin Jones said: “It’s a great movement for our company to partner with PumaPay as we want to be at the forefront of innovation and blockchain solutions. Being a global payment provider, we constantly seek to develop our product and PumaPay’s PullPayment solution will be a perfect addition to our offering.”

About PumaPay:

PumaPay offers an open source free-of-charge blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes a whole layer of transaction processing services. The comprehensive and flexible protocol allows adopters to process transactions using nearly all the familiar billing methodologies and combines the best of traditional methods (credit cards) and blockchain-based solutions. PumaPay’s growing network of early adopters includes payment service providers such as Menapay, PayFinder and Crystal Payments. For more information, please visit or contact [email protected].

About ValletaPay:

Headquartered in Malta, VallettaPay is a group of companies with licenses to operate as Authorised Electronic Money Institution and Corporate Service Provider. The group provides global high tech and customer-oriented payment solutions. As a fully-fledged global payments solution for online merchants, VallettaPay offers a range of products and services: online banking (multicurrency IBAN), card processing, virtual currency trade, corporate services and office space. For more information, please visit or contact [email protected]

    VellettaPay が PumaPay 早期導入者の一員に

    20181025日、キプロス、リマソル – オープンソースなブロックチェーンベースの決済プロトコルである PumaPay は、プル型決済プロトコルというユニークな決済インフラへの準備を進めるなか、世界的な決済ソリューションである ValletaPay との提携を発表しました。…

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