What can I do with PumaPay?

Still wondering whether you should buy the PumaPay token? Before you jump and say “It’s just another token”, let’s recap what you could do with it.

Firstly, PumaPay is an innovative Ethereum-based payment protocol that comes with a token – PMA – and a solid ecosystem of early adopters represented by global brands from different industries, which offer you a wide spectrum of buying options within the PumaPay network.

Market leaders like FashionTV, Wix, Vivid Entertainment, Rent24, Backpack.io, Expose Box, CCBill, Moburst, MojoHost, to only name a few of the 60+ top businesses which have made the bold step into the future to adopt the protocol and the PMA token as a means of payment. What drew them to it? The unique PullPayment technology and the unparalleled usability of the token.

Pull & Pay

The innovation that PumaPay brings to the blockchain is the PullPayment Protocol. By reversing the mechanism of transactions, PumaPay allows a variety of payment scenarios that were never before possible on the Ethereum network, such as pay-per-use, recurring transactions, shared and restricted payments. Now you can finally use your crypto assets to buy goods and services in the real world. Let’s take a sneak peek at the PullPayment and how it works!

If you couldn’t do this before, now you can

Dreaming of a day when you could use your tokens to pay your bills or any other subscriptions? PumaPay offers you this opportunity for the first time ever on the Ethereum network. PumaPay supports any type of recurring payments based on time with fixed amount. All you need to do is approve the terms of your PullContract with the merchant and you’re all set. Here’s how.

Tired of money getting stuck on your card till your standing order with your service provider is processed? With PumaPay you will be able to settle regular payments based on time with variable amounts such as utility bills. Check it out!

PumaPay has the right solution for every merchant willing to innovate. If you own a small business and don’t have a huge marketing budget, the best way to grow is through affiliates. Set up a payment share contract with your affiliates, secure your market share, and pay everyone on time. Here’s how you can do it.

Now that you know what you can do with PumaPay, go get some PMA on CoinBene or HitBTC!

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