Wix Partners with PumaPay, Featured by Venture Beat!

PumaPay is partnering with Wixa leading cloud-based web development platformThe news, which we’ve been happy about for a while, has just been covered by Venture BeatRead the article here. 

In short, Wix has chosen to add PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol as one of its billing methods for Wix subscriptions, and also to enable merchants to accept payments in PMA via their Wix websites.  

Here’s what both companies’ leaders are saying:  

Wix and PumaPay share the vision of providing merchants with the best online business experience,” says PumaPay CEO, Yoav Dror. “While Wix enables small businesses to easily integrate payment methods to their businesses online, PumaPay offers the potential for them to accept payments in cryptocurrencies hassle-free, avoiding the pains of traditional payment solutions, such as transaction fees, chargebacks and associated fines, and long transaction consolidation timelines. We’re excited about the potential of this collaboration.” 

We welcome the opportunity to add a new payment option,” said Eric Benayoun, Head of Payments at Wix. “We continually strive to offer our users new and alternative means to reach additional customers and enhance the buying experience. We believe our collaboration with PumaPay will help us provide an additional layer of payment options to benefit both our users and their customers.” 

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